We have a new Doctor in Engineering in the PELCAN team

On June 27th, Diana Ita Nagy, a PELCAN researcher, successfully defended her doctoral thesis titled “Development of Methodologies for the Quantification of Plastic Waste Entering the Ocean and its Influence on the Depletion of Abiotic Resources.” This research was conducted as part of her doctoral studies in engineering at PUCP and is framed within the projects carried out by the research group.

The evaluation committee was composed of distinguished specialists in the field, including Dr. Emilio Fernández from the University of Vigo, Dr. María Margallo from the University of Cantabria, Dr. Sara Ojeda from the Autonomous University of Baja California, Dr. Alejandro Gallego from the University of Manchester, along with Dr. Ian Vázquez-Rowe and Dr. Ramzy Kahhat, advisors for the doctoral research work at PUCP.

Upon the conclusion of the defense, the evaluation committee unanimously awarded the title of Doctor to Diana Ita Nagy, recognizing her outstanding performance in the research.

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