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Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

Assess products, processes or activities throughout their life cycle to identify the environmental impact

Social Life Cycle Assessment

Analyse the social and socio-economic aspects of products and their potential impacts from the extraction of raw materials, productions, use, re-use, maintenance, recycling and final disposal

Water footprint

Is an analytical tool that address political issues on water security and sustainable use of water. It shows the quantity and location of water usage in relation to human consumption

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Through the development of investigations of life cycle analysis of products and services, we seek to contribute to society by reporting the environmental impacts associated with the products and services consumed. As well as helping the decision making of the local government


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a management tool that helps to propose an environmental strategy in line with each line of business in order to generate value for the company. The LCA defines the interactions of the product and / or services with the environment, helping to understand the direct environmental consequences and to be able to evaluate mechanisms for a better environmental performance.


Peruvian Life Cycle Assessment and Industrial Ecology Network (PELCAN) is committed to disseminating this tool in order to strengthen local capacity.

(Español) Apoyo al sector público

(Español) En PELCAN buscamos brindar orientación y capacitación para dar a conocer las metodologías de Análisis de Ciclo de Vida, con la finalidad de dar apoyo al sector público en la toma de decisiones relacionada con el medio ambiente.