A scientific study ranks PUCP among the top institutions in scientific production in the fields of circular economy and industrial ecology in Latin America

A bibliometric study published in the scientific journal Heliyon in September 2023 places the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) and several of its researchers at the forefront of scientific production related to the circular economy in Latin America. The study determined that, after several universities in Brazil and CONICET in Argentina, PUCP is ranked sixth globally in studies linking the circular economy with Latin America (see Table 1). This analysis includes the interconnections promoted by the circular economy in diverse areas such as bioeconomy, bioengineering, business models, technology, innovation, process design, optimization, waste management, recycling, energy, and other related fields.

Table 1. Top 10 most productive academic institutions in circular economy in Latin America.

On an individual level, three researchers from the research group of the Peruvian Life Cycle and Industrial Ecology Network (PELCAN group) are ranked highly in the ranking published by the aforementioned study. In the top position of the ranking is the teacher-researcher Ian Vázquez Rowe, while in the seventh position, you can find the teacher-researcher Ramzy Kahhat and the researcher Gustavo Larrea Gallegos (see Table 2).

Link to the study:

Table 2. Top 10 most productive authors in circular economy linked to Latin America.

Researchers from the PELCAN group at the international congress of Industrial Ecology, held in Leiden, the Netherlands, in July 2023.

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