Presentation of results – Nauta landfill – Loreto

On March 8, 2018, the results of the sanitary landfill in Nauta – Loreto will be presented, entitled: “Mitigation of greenhouse gases in the Nauta landfill”, in the auditorium of the Cityhall of Loreto – Nauta.

In this event the modeling of the greenhouse gases that has been calculated for the Nauta landfill will be presented, with emphasis on the technologies that could be implemented to reduce these impacts. The presentation is part of the dissemination activities of the IKI project, funded by UNEP and the German Federal Government, and has the supervision and technical support of the Ministry of the Environment of Perú.

This presentation is in charge of Ian Vázquez Rowe, Kurt Ziegler and María Margallo; the first two members of the RPCV as professor and researcher, and the professor as guest professor by the University of Cantabria, respectively

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