PELCAN wins contest to carry out UKRI project

PELCAN will be part of the work team to carry out the project “Reducing the impacts of plastic waste in the Eastern Pacific Ocean” financed by The United Kingdom Research Innovation (UKRI) to tackle plastic waste in developing countries.

For its development, this project is divided into three relevant research points:

  1. Sources and drivers of plastic pollution in the Eastern Pacific
  2. Impacts of plastic waste in the South Eastern Pacific
  3. Interventions, mitigation and adaptation

The project is led by the professor Tamara Galloway, University of Exeter and has an assigned amount of £3,562,137.

Researchers Ramzy Kahhat and Ian Vázquez, members of PELCAN, will lead work teams related to regional waste flows and life cycle assessment for key industries, respectively. Also present is Professor Agustín Espinosa, from the PUCP Department of Psychology, who will be linked to mapping behaviours to sources, impacts and interventions.

The project, which brings together researchers from Ecuador, Peru and Chile, has as research vision to reduce plastic leakage in the Eastern Pacific region, identifying and testing key intervention points to support the development of a more sustainable, circular plastics resource flow. Also it is part of a series of projects in which UKRI has invested £ 20 million.

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