Participation of the Peruvian Network Life Cycle at the Industrial Ecology Conference – ISIE 2017

Between June 26 and 29, 2017, the conference “International Society for Industrial Ecology” was held in Chicago, USA, with the participation of Professor Ian Vázquez, CONCYTEC scholarship students José Bazán and Gustavo Larrea, all of them researchers from the Peruvian Network Life Cycle and on behalf of it.

Gustavo Larrea presented the latest advances in the ECOPISCO project, funded by the DGI, with the oral presentation “Consequential Life Cycle Assessment of pisco production in the Ica Valley, Peru”, which presented a model of consecutive LCA applied to the growth of Production of pisco in the Ica region. On the other hand, José Bazán presented a study entitled “Energy self – sufficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in urban environments: a case study for three cities in Peru”, in which the potential of photovoltaic energy that could be produced in Depleted urban landfills in Peruvian cities.

Professor Vázquez had two oral presentations. The first part entitled “Environmental sustainability of paiche (Arapaima gigas) production in pond-based intensive aquaculture systems in the Peruvian Amazon” presented the progress of the project “Life Cycle Analysis of Paiche”. On the other hand, the second presentation presented the final results of the Walaya project, which analyzes the carbon footprint of the food consumption profile in different cities of Peru.

Finally, the participation of the PNLC was completed with the presentation of a scientific poster on the implementation of electric vehicles in the city of Lima, which included as co-authors Professors Ramzy Kahhat and Ian Vázquez.

ISIE 2017 is a biennial event that takes place in different countries of the world. On this occasion, the conference was merged with the International Conference “Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology” (ISSST), which surpassed the barrier of 650 participants from all continents. The next edition of ISIE, in 2019, will be held in the city of Beijing (China).

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