Participation in Solid Waste Management Systems Modeling Course With EASETECH software, at the Technical University of Denmark

Photo: Anders Damgaard, principal investigator of the DTU and organizer of the course (left) along with Kurt Ziegler (right) after receiving the award for the best poster.

In the week of June 12 to 16, 2017, the modeling course on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of solid waste management systems was carried out using the EASETECH software, issued by the Technical University of Denmark, and Oriented to doctoral students. As part of the IKI-PNUMA project, in which life-cycle inventories are being created in the sanitary landfill sector in Peru, we are sending the Peruvian Life Cycle Network (PLCN) to Kurt Ziegler, our research assistant Specialized in the subject and current student of the Civil Engineering Career. The course counted on the participation of 38 attendees, including students of masters, doctorates and even professors of diverse universities of the world.

This course addressed a wide variety of issues related to the modeling of different waste treatment systems. These systems included from the most sophisticated, as integral systems of treatment including thermal, mechanical and biological treatment, to the simplest and most rudimentary, such as sanitary refilling and composting. Topics related to data quality and sensitivity and uncertainty analysis were also discussed, which are vital to the proper conduct of scientific research.

As part of the course and in order to promote good practice in the development of scientific posters, a competition was held, in which each participant had to deepen the research they are carrying out. Leaving the name of Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Peruvian Life Cycle Network high, one of the two winners was Kurt with his poster on “Environmental assessment of a sanitary landfill in the Peruvian Amazon basin by means of Life Cycle Assessment.”

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