Research projects

Service of analysis, measurement, interpretation and corporate management of the water resource under the methodology of the water footprint in the value chain of the avocado export of the La Libertad region

The project aims to: Calculate the impacts of water use related to the agro-export of the avocado value chain of the La Libertad region with a perspective of cradle to the door (from the cultivation…

Calculator for the Environmental Footprint of Peruvian Coffee

Work will be done to create an Excel-based calculation software for calculating the Environmental Footprint of obtaining coffee up to the point of export. Said software will be based on the analysis of…

Application of the concept of circular economy to the urban water cycle in the city of Lima: mitigation of environmental impacts and water vulnerability

This project aims to create software that encompasses environmental, economic, technical and climatic aspects under a life cycle perspective, promoting the use of better technologies in wastewater treatment…

Valorization of residual biomass for advanced 3D materials (ValBio3D)

The project seeks to develop efficient technology for the production of bio-based sustainable materials and 100% agro-industrial waste, addressing the bioeconomy of the future and ensuring a sustainable…

Determination and Comparison of the Environmental Impact of the Production of Conventional, Organic and Specialty Coffee in the Junín region, Peru, and its relationship with physical characteristics of the environment

The objective of the project is the determination and comparison of the environmental impact of the production process of 1kg of conventional, organic and specialty parchment coffee produced in the Junín…

Life Cycle Assessment of the Expansion of Informal Mining in the Peruvian Amazon

This research proposal proposes the use of the holistic life cycle analysis tool to quantify and evaluate the present and future environmental impacts resulting from the expansion of informal mining in…

Environmental assessment of public procurement in the wood sector: furniture and paper

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Project IKI PNUMA – Advancing and Measuring Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) for a Low-Carbon Economy in Middle-Income and Newly Industrialized Countries (Advance SCP) PART II

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