Life Cycle Analysis of Machu Picchu Foods chocolate

The objective of the project is to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for a portion of the supply chain of Machu Picchu Foods (MPF), as well as for other MPF manufacturing processes necessary to create their chocolate products. The aim of this LCA is to establish an initial environmental footprint to improve the future performance of the product. This study will be conducted using the CalCacao calculator, which will be applied in the cultivation and post-harvest stages until obtaining the dried cocoa bean.

The final outcome of this study will be a detailed report on the Carbon Footprint (CF) and Water Footprint (WF) of MPF’s organic chocolate product derived from cocoa from the Nuwa Muun project production units, located in the provinces of Satipo, Oxapampa, and Ucayali, up to the production plant in Pisco, including the associated environmental impacts.

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